All the Caramel. All the Cake.


Hello. This is Celia.

Celia holding cake banner

And this is Courtney.

Courtney holding caramel banner

In other words, Courtney's the Caramel and Celia's the Cake. Simple, right? We met at good old biz school, bonding over our shared loves of food, wine, and well, food. We discussed blogs, sustainability, small food ventures, local farmer's markets, and more. Yet, it wasn't until both of us had graduated that we reconnected and talked in earnest about starting a business together. We decided to go with what we knew. For Courtney, that was caramel, a classic treat that she's been bubbling and stirring and crafting and wrapping for years, often with the help and advice of her mom. Let's also say that some wine was involved in the process. Those creative juices need to flow! For Celia, that's been baking. Her favorite dessert has always been cake, and she loves making things pretty. So what to do?

We aren't software engineers. We know that starting a food company involves extra regulation, and a physical product, two evils that should not be mentioned in software-driven Silicon Valley. But it's our interest and love. And we knew we wanted to do something creative, something beyond the soul-draining task of sending out resumes for the 9-5 (Disclaimer. There's nothing wrong with the 9-5. But looking for the 9-5 is literally the worst thing ever). So for now, we're focusing on selling pretty treats with real ingredients. Beautiful cakes and caramels abound online, in places like Instagram, Pinterest, and in blogs, but we don't always find what we're looking for in real life, even in the food Mecca that is the San Francisco Bay Area. 

For the road ahead, we wanted to create a blog to share our journey with you. It's a space for us to talk about food, business, recipes, trials, and tribulations. Being women in business. And whatever else you all might want to hear. 

In Germany, where Celia's roots lie, there's a tradition to gather around the kitchen table at about 3 pm for 'Kaffee und Kuchen' - Coffee and Cake. It's not only a time to grab a boost of caffeinated energy or enjoy a 'not-that-sweet but generally always delicious' piece of cake, but to catch up with family and friends, and discuss life's latest beautiful or not-so-beautiful moments. And that's what we'd like to do with you here. Grab a caramel and a hot cup of coffee (tea accepted), and let's go slice that cake. 


- Celia + Courtney