Sea Salt pretty handmade caramels on cake stand

Sea Salt

from 8.00
Orange Rosemary orange-rosemary-caramels-delicious

Orange Rosemary

from 8.00
Dark Chocolate Marshmallow IMG_2315.jpg

Dark Chocolate Marshmallow

from 8.00
Cashew creamy handmade cashew caramels


from 8.00
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt caramel caravan dark chocolate sea salt caramels

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

from 8.00
Coffee IMG_1137.jpg


from 8.00
Variety Box 10 piece caramel box

Variety Box

from 18.00
Monthly Caramel Subscription - Variety Box Copy of 10 piece caramel box

Monthly Caramel Subscription - Variety Box

from 18.00 every month
Dark Chocolate Caramel Pretzels dark chocolate caramel pretzels

Dark Chocolate Caramel Pretzels

IMG_1534.jpg IMG_1535.jpg

Party & Wedding Favors

from 5.00
Bulk Caramels handmade caramels with maple white background

Bulk Caramels