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crafted by hand

Say goodbye to additives, mass production, and unnatural ingredients. At Caramel Caravan Co., we not only use local Clover cream and San Francisco made Gilt Edge butter, we stir, simmer, mix, cut, wrap, and package all of our goods by hand. That's a lot of hand work - but it's worth it! - giving you the most delicious and creamy products just like in times gone past.



Welcome to Caramel Caravan Co.

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Caramel Caravan Co. means good ingredients, good taste, and good design. We love combining new with classic flavors, and are inspired by California's abundant food and agricultural scene. From farmer's markets to local creameries to the Bay's buzzing restaurant scene, we're energized by our local surroundings, with a bit of rustic, Old World enthusiasm added to the mix. We're passionate about all our caramels and baked goods, and hope you will be too!