Caramel Caravan Co.


Hello, friends! What a year it's been. We started Cake & Caramel Co. about one year ago, growing our business by hustling at farmer's markets, selling online, doing fundraisers, and getting our first foothold into retail locations. It's been a great journey - one that we are excited to continue on!

Several months ago, we purchased a vintage 1957 CalCraft trailer, brought down from the California mountains. From the outset of our business, we wanted a vintage, mobile retail location to sell from, and to use for private events. We loved the idea of a vintage Citroen van, but fell for "canned hams," so-called for their unique resemblance to the canned hams 'n spams of the 1950s. So here she is, in all her glory! Complete with icebox and cast iron stove. The Caramel Caravan is going to need a lot of work to get it up to code - likely the interior frame will need to be pretty much rebuilt. We'll also be adding a concession window, counters, lighting, new interior paneling, paint, removing inside cabinetry, and more. It will take a good amount of work and time, but this little trailer has stolen our hearts!

Hence, we have decided to rename our business to the Caramel Caravan Co. Why did we decide to rename to Caramel Caravan Co., you ask? We like sharing the story of our trailer, even though we aren't completely sure what renovation obstacles we'll face. We felt that the Caramel Caravan better shows our interests and goals, creates a stronger brand, and also highlights our greater focus on caramels and caramel related goods (YUM!). And not only do we like vintage and rustic ... well, anything - we want our caramels to evoke a sense of old-fashioned, good-ness filled, preservative free, cream-and-butter-melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness that harks back to aprons and wooden spoons and simmering pots of slow cooking, bubbling caramel. 

What stays the same? EVERYTHING! We still offer delicious caramels (and caramel sauce! and dark chocolate caramel pretzels!), with slight changes in our packaging. We're also still baking handcrafted, rich cupcakes for events in the Bay Area. You'll find everything on our website, including our shop. 

Is there anything you want to know - about the trailer - our name - anything at all? Let us know in the comments below!

We're excited for what this summer and the future holds - the Caramel Caravan is off and trucking down the road (well, a bit figuratively at the moment) - and we'd love to take you all for a ride! Thank you for sharing our journey. 

- Courtney & Celia

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