DIY Halloween Caramels


The spookiest season of all is almost here. Step up your sweets game with these easy & cute DIY caramels!


We’re excited! Why, you ask? Halloween is coming up - so prep your Reese’s, Snickers, and Starbursts. Dust off your jack-o-lanterns, and brush the cobwebs from your pumpkin spice candles (or don’t if you’re keepin’ it spooky!). But WAIT! What about caramels, you ask? Don’t forget your favorite rich, indulgent sweets at this creepy time of year :-)

It’s easy to turn your basic caramels into a Halloween treat.

First, obtain your favorite classic caramels. Make em or buy em - it’s up to you!

Second, get your hands on some candy corn, the most quintessential of all Halloween candy.

halloween candy corn caramels

Then, melt dark chocolate (semi-sweet, bitter-sweet, super dark, etc) over a water bath. A water bath is a bowl set over a pot of simmering water. Chop up about half to two-thirds of your chocolate and place it in the bowl. Stir frequently. Once the chocolate is melted, remove the bowl from heat. Gradually stir in the remaining half to one-thirds of chopped chocolate. This process is called tempering, and ensures the chocolate won’t “bloom,” or get unsightly spots and blotches once dried. If you want to get super scientific, see this link.

If your caramel is freshly made, you can press candy corn directly onto its top. If you’ve purchased caramel, you can attach the candy corn with a little dot of melted chocolate.

Lastly, drizzle the melted, tempered chocolate over the candy corn clad caramels (say that five times fast!). You can use a spoon, or get fancy and pipe the chocolate if you prefer. We think the chocolate looks a little bit like spider webs!

We like to wrap our caramel in clear cellophane wrappers (which are biodegradable), so we can see what’s inside. But you can also wrap in parchment paper, or simply eat :-)

What other treats are you making this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

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Happy Caramel Hauntings!